Collaborating for Sermon Preparation

Sermon preparation is usually a joy for me.

It always involves prayer.

It involves reading scripture, reflecting on it, and listening for God’s voice.

Most of my life I’ve been too insecure about preaching to share the process with others.

I prepared sermons in isolation.

I read early drafts to my wife, and she often gave me wise counsel.

But something has changed recently, much for the better.

Two years ago I started using Facebook to solicit input from friends.

I’d share a Bible passage and topic, several weeks before the sermon date.

I’d ask my friends for quotes or stories that might strengthen the message.

It was a good place to start. The results were gratifying.

Now things have gone to a whole new level.

One week I tentatively shared an early sermon draft with my Tuesday Morning Men.

They pounced on it!

They seemed to relish the opportunity to wrestle with scripture and with my ideas.

They asked if we could make sermon development part of our Tuesday morning fellowship.

I was amazed at their interest, and quick to say yes.

The sermons still bear the imprint of my personality and style.

But they’re better now.

Better thought through.

Ruthlessly edited to strip away unnecessary distractions.

Cleaner. Sharper. Just better.

What about you?

Have you used collaboration to add value to your work?

How might collaboration make you better at what you do?

Let’s begin a conversation…

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