Roots and Wings – Indelible Grace Hymns

(pictured above at microphone: Rev. Kevin Twit)

It’s been ten years since I discovered the hymns of Indelible Grace.

Indelible Grace is a “mini-movement” started in 1995 by pastor and musician Kevin Twit.

Twit began working with students at Belmont University in Nashville through the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).

He discovered several powerful old hymn texts and started writing contemporary tunes for them, rescuing them to be discovered by new generations.

Soon other collegians were taking up the task, including singer-songwriters Sandra McCracken and Matthew Smith. CCM band Jars of Clay was strongly influenced by the Indelible Grace movement, releasing their “Redemption Songs” album in 2005.

This is great stuff!

Watch the documentary, basically a concert in Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, with commentary by various leaders of the movement.

Listen to the great music and powerful words.


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