We Boldly Declare the Word of the Lord


Click here for hymn sheet —

hymn sheet – We Boldly Declare


We boldly declare the Word of the LORD

For He is our strength, His scripture our sword

We stand on His promise, we speak to obey

Affirming the truth of His wonder-filled way.


The battle is fierce, the enemy strong

Take courage to fight, and lift up a song:

“Give praise to the LORD, for His mercy endures!”

The foe will retreat and the land will be ours.


So thanks be to God, who leads us with pow’r

We triumph in Him, His victory is ours

The kingdom of darkness before us must fall

It cannot prevail – Jesus rules over all.


text: Gary Hicks, based on 2 Chronicles 20:21-24

music: LYONS (O Worship the King)

attributed to Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806),

in Wm. Gardiner’s “Sacred Melodies”, 1815

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