O God of Every Nation

Click for hymn sheet:  O God of Every Nation (4-part)


O God of every nation, we praise You, Lord of all;

Into Your courts we gather, before Your throne we fall;

We cast our crowns before You, all honour we have gained,

For You alone are worthy, and You alone shall reign.


From every distant nation, from every tribe and tongue

Your tribute now is offered, Your praises now are sung;

In awe and speechless wonder we bow before Your throne

To magnify Your glory, to worship God alone.


There is no other Saviour, no Helper, Guide or Friend,

But You are Lord immortal, Your rule shall never end.

All other crowns shall perish, all other kingdoms cease,

But You shall reign forever With justice, grace and peace.


words: Gary Hicks (January 10, 2006) © 2006 Gary L. Hicks

tune: All Glory, Laud, and Honor (“St. Theodulph,” Melchior Teschner, 1615)

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