A God-Story from Cindy Champion

Be still and know that I am God.

About 12 or so years ago I was headed to the Women of Faith Conference at the Verizon Center. We had a group of 20+ ladies from Brook Hill going. We all met up to carpool. We rushed to drive to our hotel, and then make our way via the metro to the Verizon. Quite the feat for all of us busy moms. The car ride down was just buzzing with last minute phone calls with husbands, moms and babysitters, reciting the long list of to-dos to be accomplished in our 30 hour absence. I too called my husband several times, reminding him of the Saturday schedule of soccer games, a birthday party, and numerous chores to do.

We sat in Friday night traffic, rushed onto the hotel, checked in and soon needed to meet up for a quick dinner before leaving the hotel. I forgot something and headed down solo to the car. I got in the elevator, immediately the elevator traveled to the basement and the door opened only 10 inches. I was stuck. How could this be happening. Then a young woman appeared just outside the elevator door, she told me she called maintenance and someone would be here soon to help. She was so kind and said she would wait with me until help arrived. Through this 10 inch opening, she told me how she and her husband and 2 year old daughter were living in a room the hotel. Her husband was working construction. We talked about 20 minutes until the door finally opened to release me. During that time this young woman told me about the hope she had for a better life. They were from Texas, and were saving up money to move back home. She told me how they were working hard to start a new life.

I was so mad at myself. Here I had rushed through my day with no appreciation for the blessings in my life. I was so wrapped up in the busyness of my life, and here this young woman seemed so happy and hopeful. I was on what should be a joyous weekend sharing fellowship with some great ladies, but I was so rushed I was not enjoying it.

I believe God gave me the experience of that day first for me to be still, to take a moment to stop and slow down. To settle my mind so that I could be open to the experience of meeting this young woman, and hearing her wisdom. I think God wanted me to slow down, so that I would be open to the praise and worship that would occur at the Women of Faith Conference.

I also was very disappointed in myself. I allowed all of the busyness of my life to preoccupy too much of my attention. Busyness that truly was not all that meaningful. This brief 20 minute conversation with this nameless young woman, caused me to reflect on the blessings in my life. I sometimes think of that young woman and pray she did make her way back to Texas. God used her to help me slow down and be thankful. A true God moment.