I Believe

I believe in Connie, my fairest, dearest friend.

At first, my belief was more like hope.

I saw her grace and beauty, and I hoped to experience more of her.

I hoped she wouldn’t mind my advances.

That was a long time ago.

Today, I believe in Connie because of the content of her character.

She is a person of principle.

When there is trouble, she will usually have the right words.

When a principle needs to be maintained, she will maintain it.

When someone needs help, she will help if she can.

She honors her father and her mother.

When our daughters need affirmation, she affirms and encourages.

When our grandsons need hugs and snuggles, she drops everything to make that happen.

I believe in Connie because she usually believes in me.

She often believes in me when I’ve stopped believing in myself.

She prays for me. She longs for me.

She cooks and cleans for me.

She believes that I’m quite bright and fairly honest, but she’ll take me to task when I need to be confronted or challenged.

She is patient with me.

I’ve been trying her patience since 1975.

I believe in taking out the garbage and filling her gas tank twice a week.

I believe in picking up after myself (believe it or not).

I believe in long thoughtful conversations over a meal or at bedtime.

I believe in holding hands and lying together.

I believe in love.

Deep, deep love, deeper than the depths of the sea.

And I believe that I will live with Connie as long as we share life and breath.

(September 2010)