Today I Fall Upon Your Grace

Download lead sheet here: Today I Fall Upon Your Grace


You are my hope and confidence for this unsteady day

While other hopes are few and weak, which shine but fade away

I need a rock, an anchoring place

Today I fall upon Your grace.


You are the ancient remedy, the everlasting cure

Deep in my soul I rise, convinced this remedy is sure

I need a rock, a healing place

Today I fall upon Your grace.


You are the chosen sacrifice, You are the spotless Lamb,

There on a distant lonely hill You bore the sins of man

You are my Rock, my saving place

Today I fall upon Your grace.


You are my steady Comforter, closer than my next breath

Your mighty arms will carry me beyond the pains of death

You are my Rock, my hiding place

Today I fall upon Your grace.


words and music by Gary Hicks

copyright 2005, 2010, 2015

For the Storehouse of Your Mercy

In Honour of Roger Delaney

Click here for hymn sheet: For the Storehouse SATB (F)

words by Gary Hicks, copyright 2013

tune: BEACH SPRING (B.F.White, 1844)


For the storehouse of Your mercy, for Your persevering grace

From my heart I speak thanksgiving, from my lips I offer praise

Was there ever deeper goodness than is offered from above?

Such an endless stream of kindness, such a reservoir of love!


I was blind to heaven’s mercy til the day I spoke Your name

Full of fear and fond delusions, full of deadening guilt and shame

Then Your mercy sought and found me, holy kindness took me in

And Your grace roared like an ocean, overwhelming all my sin.


Down from heaven, out from Calvary, still it flows to save and heal:

To the nations, for each person, there is mercy, rich and real;

The transforming grace of Jesus, who is mighty still to save

Floods the earth and fills the heavens, kills despair and robs the grave!


When the earth at last shall perish, and the heavens burn away,

Then in worlds yet uncreated we will thrive in endless day,

And the mercy of our Saviour, shining then more brightly still,

We will celebrate forever on New Zion’s holy hill!