Spirit of God, My Soul Needs Reviving

Downloadable Lead Sheet (pdf): Spirit of God, My Soul Needs Reviving – Eb rev 2

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Spirit of God, My Soul Needs Reviving - Eb rev 2


Spirit of God, My Soul Needs Reviving - D rev 2


1) Spirit of God, my soul needs reviving

My mind needs renewing, fill me again

Spirit of Christ, my love needs restoring

My life needs reordering, fill me again.

Come Holy Spirit, Giver of grace

Lord, I surrender, Come take Your place

Spirit of Christ, my love needs restoring

Rule in my heart forever!


(Verse 2 suggested by Betty MacPherson Johnson)


2) Spirit of God, our souls needs reviving

Our minds need renewing, fill us again

Spirit of Christ, our love needs restoring

Our lives needs reordering, fill us again.

Come Holy Spirit, Giver of grace

Lord, we surrender, Come take Your place

Spirit of Christ, our love needs restoring

Rule in our hearts forever!

For the Storehouse of Your Mercy

In Honour of Roger Delaney

Click here for hymn sheet: For the Storehouse SATB (F)

words by Gary Hicks, copyright 2013

tune: BEACH SPRING (B.F.White, 1844)


For the storehouse of Your mercy, for Your persevering grace

From my heart I speak thanksgiving, from my lips I offer praise

Was there ever deeper goodness than is offered from above?

Such an endless stream of kindness, such a reservoir of love!


I was blind to heaven’s mercy til the day I spoke Your name

Full of fear and fond delusions, full of deadening guilt and shame

Then Your mercy sought and found me, holy kindness took me in

And Your grace roared like an ocean, overwhelming all my sin.


Down from heaven, out from Calvary, still it flows to save and heal:

To the nations, for each person, there is mercy, rich and real;

The transforming grace of Jesus, who is mighty still to save

Floods the earth and fills the heavens, kills despair and robs the grave!


When the earth at last shall perish, and the heavens burn away,

Then in worlds yet uncreated we will thrive in endless day,

And the mercy of our Saviour, shining then more brightly still,

We will celebrate forever on New Zion’s holy hill!

My Father’s Blessing

Last Sunday afternoon I received my father’s blessing.

I had called Mom and Dad on the phone.

We were talking about Mom’s recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

It was a touching conversation, and both my parents were fully engaged.

They spoke of approaching each day with the expectation of happiness, based on God’s goodness.

And on the simple delight of a shared day after 60 years of life together.

I told them that I wished I could be with them, to be more supportive in these challenging days.

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Dad said, I’m so proud of you.”

What was that again?

I said nothing and began to weep as Mom continued talking.

I’ve waited all my life to hear that!

Dad has told me “I love you,” but this is my first time to hear

I’m proud…


From childhood I’ve waited.

He was the master carpenter, skilled with his hands.

I could never measure up.

I remember his expressions of frustration and disappointment.

Those words and expressions have lingered like weights all these years.

Four years ago I brought them a book of 50 old hymn texts for which I had written new tunes.

He seemed to pay no attention to it at all.

I was crushed by his indifference.

I was angry.

He didn’t understand, I think.

But now I have the I’m proud…

I had given up ever expecting to hear that from him.

Something has been released within me, something powerful…

Dare I say it?

I wonder if some demon has been exorcised from my life.

In their book The Blessing, John Trent and Gary Smalley offer a look at the life-changing gift which the Bible calls “the blessing.”

The unconditional love and approval that come with a parent’s blessing can be important elements in our emotional well-being.

I’ve got it now! And no one can take that away from me! 

(September 2010)

I Believe

I believe in Connie, my fairest, dearest friend.

At first, my belief was more like hope.

I saw her grace and beauty, and I hoped to experience more of her.

I hoped she wouldn’t mind my advances.

That was a long time ago.

Today, I believe in Connie because of the content of her character.

She is a person of principle.

When there is trouble, she will usually have the right words.

When a principle needs to be maintained, she will maintain it.

When someone needs help, she will help if she can.

She honors her father and her mother.

When our daughters need affirmation, she affirms and encourages.

When our grandsons need hugs and snuggles, she drops everything to make that happen.

I believe in Connie because she usually believes in me.

She often believes in me when I’ve stopped believing in myself.

She prays for me. She longs for me.

She cooks and cleans for me.

She believes that I’m quite bright and fairly honest, but she’ll take me to task when I need to be confronted or challenged.

She is patient with me.

I’ve been trying her patience since 1975.

I believe in taking out the garbage and filling her gas tank twice a week.

I believe in picking up after myself (believe it or not).

I believe in long thoughtful conversations over a meal or at bedtime.

I believe in holding hands and lying together.

I believe in love.

Deep, deep love, deeper than the depths of the sea.

And I believe that I will live with Connie as long as we share life and breath.

(September 2010)