O God of Every Nation

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O God of every nation, we praise You, Lord of all;

Into Your courts we gather, before Your throne we fall;

We cast our crowns before You, all honour we have gained,

For You alone are worthy, and You alone shall reign.


From every distant nation, from every tribe and tongue

Your tribute now is offered, Your praises now are sung;

In awe and speechless wonder we bow before Your throne

To magnify Your glory, to worship God alone.


There is no other Saviour, no Helper, Guide or Friend,

But You are Lord immortal, Your rule shall never end.

All other crowns shall perish, all other kingdoms cease,

But You shall reign forever With justice, grace and peace.


words: Gary Hicks (January 10, 2006) © 2006 Gary L. Hicks

tune: All Glory, Laud, and Honor (“St. Theodulph,” Melchior Teschner, 1615)

All the Earth Belongs to Jesus

Downloadable sheet music to this hymn: pdf All the Earth Belongs G 4-part


words: Gary Hicks (based on Psalm 24), copyright 2010

tune: “Holy Manna” by William Moore (“Brethren, We Have Met to Worship”)


1. All the earth belongs to Jesus, All the world is His domain

Every person, every planet: Universal is His reign.

Swim the mighty, raging ocean, Climb the mountain, feel the sun

God’s creative Word was spoken: He declared, and it was done.


2. Who may climb the hill of Zion? Who may reach God’s holy place?

There to stand in fearful Presence, Feel the tender touch of grace?

All whose hearts and hands are holy, All whose lips speak truth and love

Such are welcomed by the Father To His pleasant courts above.


3. Lift your heads, O gates of Zion; Lift them up, you ancient doors

Open to the King of glory, Open up to Christ the Lord.

Who, this King so strong and mighty? Who, this robed and shining one?

He is mighty to deliver – God Almighty, God the Son.


4. Now we come, with hearts wide open, Now we come to all fall down

Put aside your lofty notions, Put away your boastful crown

Only One deserves our worship, Only One deserves our praise

Come to offer full devotion, Love and serve Him all our days!